Walk-Run Your First 5K in Just 6 Weeks!

Lose Weight • Improve Your Blood Pressure • Live Longer!

You Can Be Lighter, Fitter, Stronger, and Happier —

Before you Even Pin on a Race Number!

Welcome to Prevention’s Walk/Run Your First 5K Challenge. In just six weeks, our smart approach to training will get you to the starting line ready to cover 3.1 miles safely and effectively by following one of four expert-designed training plans, customized to your current fitness level.

  • All Walk Training Plan

    TRY IT IF: You’re new to regular

  • Walk-Run Training Plan

    TRY IT IF: You do 30 minutes
    of cardio, 3 times per week.

  • Run-Walk Training Plan

    TRY IT IF: You do regular
    cardio but are new to running.

  • All Run Training Plan

    TRY IT IF: You’re ready to take
    your run-walk to the next level.

Training for a 5K is One of the Best Ways to Hit Your Fitness Goals

Never thought of yourself as an athlete?
Time to change your mind.

“All you have to do is commit. Everyone is worried that they’re going to finish last or that they can’t do it,” says Bart Yasso, who began running in 1977 and has helped thousands of others cross their first finish line as the Chief Running Officer at Runner’s World magazine. “But they can do it — they just have to start somewhere.” Setting — and crushing — a goal like a 5K brings a slew of benefits, including:

Better Health Improved Mood
A Longer Life A Smaller Waistline!

Training for a 5K Transformed These Women &mdash You're Next!


Tammy Lost 26 Pounds

and Now Enjoys Running!

Time after time, Tammy Kronebush lost weight — and regained it. This time, she knew she needed to find a workout routine that was actually fun. But she didn’t rely on enjoyment alone; she told her friends she was training and booked her workouts like meetings. By the time she crossed the finish line, the 5’5” resident of Winona, Minnesota, was 26 pounds lighter. Now, she runs longer distances, and knows she’s setting a positive example for her family.


Rene Lost 40 Pounds

and Helped Her Husband Too!

Rene Dunne, 31, had a partner in her unhealthy lifestyle habits — her husband. The couple both smoked and were both overweight. When they first started training, each step was a struggle. “But we pressed on, slowly increasing our distance,” she says. They stuck together mile after mile, finishing the race and shedding 40 pounds each in the process. “We’ve been set on the road to a lifetime of healthy living,” Dunne says, and they’re happier for it.

These women did it — and so can you!

The Best Part?

You’re not in this alone. You’ll have access to Prevention Premium’s online community, where you and other challenge participants will be able to share tips, tricks, and motivation. Plus Sarah will be there 3 days a week to answer any questions you might have and to provide you with pep talks if you need one!

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